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From yellow taxi to appcabs, Kolkata has leapt through time. It has journeyed to transcend on the realm named “FUSION”. A place where both the past and the present merge in appreciation of each other. Just like that, the boutique that we are presenting here, holds the ambiguity of both the elegance and magnificence.

These sarees elucidates the personalities of all women, being indifferent to mere social barriers. Madrishi brings you the versatile flow of fabric and exquisite designs that are easy to carry and highlights your features.
But why saree you asked? Well, being Bengali, we know that only a saree can give you the utmost ethnic look you’re searching for, and fetch you compliments such as “Uff darun lagche” (wow, you’re looking beautiful) at the same time. So check out the mix and match of culture and tradition with modern texture and get ready to rock the Urban Chic look that keeps the crowd talking.