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    You have often heard about the saying, “A cupcake a day Keeps the Grumpiness away” In this mundane world of monochromatic reality, the happiness is brought by colours. Just like the sunshine rejuvenates the hope across the blue sky; a cupcake can brighten up your smile while your life is coursing through adversities. Madrishi brings the juxtaposition of colours and fantasies in monochromatic sarees. The pure cotton black saree is embellished with hand embroidered cupcake designs that elevates the mood. With its comfortable fabric you can conveniently be the epitome of elegance. So come and grab these sarees with miniature cupcakes that are ready to lift your mood and let you outshine the crowd. And fill your monochromatic life with some parti-coloured fantasies.

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    “Petals of a flower hold so much power, as they remind me all of your delicate peel.” ~ Ottar

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    Trend is like a wheel that keeps moving from one point to another. And, presently, minimalistic fashion is trendy. Madrishi comes with this pure cotton saree for the uptown simpleton.

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    “Don’t make it dull If thou can’t make it colourful. The rainbow’s colours thou’ll think for truth, The truth that is there But is never seen” -UNSEEN The vibrancy of colours surrounding us are the perfect blend of emotions and pragmatism. Just like that, the saree encapsulates the contrasting colours orange and blue, blended out to create ombre. It becomes the epitome of colourful attire. Along with its comfortable cotton fabric, it elucidates one’s features and elevates the mood. This colourful saree is all one needs to grab the attention in a dull mundane world.