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  • 5,500.00

    Black Swan


    Black has always been an emblematic colour for the mysticism. It’s enigmatic fervor devours our rationality and brings in the fantasy. We have all heard about the story of the Black Swan. And baffled ourselves at her courage and confidence, when she fought back against those dark powers. Even though it’s a fairy tale we didn’t step back into our pragmatic minds. We believed. We wished. We dreamt of having such an amazing opportunity to prove ourselves. And in real life, one can stand firm against all adversities, if one is confident of her strength. With this saree you can easily wear your confidence and shove all dark powers aside. The black colour of the saree creates the Enigma of which you are the goddess. Don’t waste this wonderful opportunity of becoming the Black Swan of your dreams. And flaunt your strength

  • 5,200.00

    Fierce Rider


    Fashion can sometimes become tiresome and heavy. But, you can relax in your attire even while you look elegant. Madrishi has brought this blue linen saree that is very comfortable and convenient to carry. With its beautiful Bankura horse Handwoven Jamdani , the trail of cloth accentuates your grace that is acceptable for any occasion. So, choose comfort over those hectic trends and tread like a Diva with this Madrishi saree.

  • Hot



    The aesthetic appeal of the countryside roads never goes out of style, because the curvy muddy roads never fails to take one on a journey of enigma. This ocean blue silken saree captures that mystical scenic beauty of the countryside with colourful handwoven motifs of plants, little huts, animals and humans. The tinge of primitiveness is contrasted by the golden jari border on the edge of the saree. And, it only compliments the brilliance and flamboyance of the jamdani.
    Go on and make the city reverberate in the countryside tones with the saree and become the embodiment of the Enigma.

  • 3,500.00

    Storm Breaker


    In this scorching heat and humidity, draping a saree to look feminine becomes hectic and tiresome. But linen sarees are always ready to provide comfort and grace to your style instantly. The black linen saree is bordered by zari and a lining of pink. It is adorned in block print and foil mirror embroidery. The end of the edge of the saree is decorated with pink tassels to add vibrance to the monochrome. It’s linen fabric makes it both comfortable and convenient for carrying. This saree readily adds elegance to your style and pomp to your look. So, get ready to rock the streets even in the hot weather with this trail of black linen.