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    Spring comes after the drabness of Winter with its vibrant colours. Just like that the two pantone colours of the year, yellow and grey are transitioned making the saree an apt element of Spring. With the tie and dye style, the pantone colours are spread against each other. And the comfortable cotton fabric makes it flowy and versatile. Drape it and embrace Spring.

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    Bloom– where you are planted Bloom– wherever you may be Bloom– for you are Her flower And She needs you to bring beauty To everyone you see. Bloom– to brighten your corner Bloom– to lighten the day Bloom– and so become a witness Let your gracious fragrance Show someone the way ” ~Sim

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    Beachy Vibes


    When life loses its meaning and vitality, one yearns for a vacation. To relax the mind from the terrains of boredom. Fluttering through the dungeons of mundane world, this saree creates a mood of relaxation. It’s wonderful ombre of beige and light blue beckons the tranquility of sea beach on a beautiful summer day. It’s cotton fabric adds up to the comfort to churn up the light mood. So grab it and be the epitome of summer holidays on the streets of the city.

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    “Begemmed with April rain They nodded in the lane, The fragrant, purple clusters, the lilacs loved of yore” Encapsulating the mystic nature of the lilacs in summer, it fuses colours in a fine six yards cotton fabric. Along with being comfortable and breezy, this saree also creates a beautiful juxtaposition of different shades of pink and lilac. So, loose yourself to the enchanting summer reminiscence of lilacs and lavender fields as you drape it around.

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    Black Pearl


    Since 2007, Odisha ikat had gained a lot of popularity for its unique process of tie-dying the warp and weft threads to create “poetry on the loom”. This black pure cotton Odisha ikat is hand embroidered with small flowers in the body and edge and has outline Embroidered of the border . It depicts the same colourful design motif on both the front and the back, so no additional weaving is required. Thus, keeping the saree light and comfortable. Grab this Odisha ikat saree, which are now in vogue, to be trendy and fashionable.

  • 5,500.00

    Black Swan


    Black has always been an emblematic colour for the mysticism. It’s enigmatic fervor devours our rationality and brings in the fantasy. We have all heard about the story of the Black Swan. And baffled ourselves at her courage and confidence, when she fought back against those dark powers. Even though it’s a fairy tale we didn’t step back into our pragmatic minds. We believed. We wished. We dreamt of having such an amazing opportunity to prove ourselves. And in real life, one can stand firm against all adversities, if one is confident of her strength. With this saree you can easily wear your confidence and shove all dark powers aside. The black colour of the saree creates the Enigma of which you are the goddess. Don’t waste this wonderful opportunity of becoming the Black Swan of your dreams. And flaunt your strength

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    Blue is a warm colour. A colour of royalty. It encapsulates the beauty, And radiates it’s grace, vividly. This matka saree embodies that brilliance of blue. The small embroideries circumscribing the border of the saree elevates the colour-pop and adds a tinge of cherry-berry fun to it’s solid grandeur. And the golden, red and blue thread twirl around each other to create pyramid like designs for the anchal, providing it some contrast. So, come and embrace this elegant diva look with the matka saree.

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    Buzzing Sociallite


    Sweetness has always been attracted by bees. They hurdle around bright flowers in quest for nectar. And, a woman’s sweet nature elucidates her beauty. The bright ombre of yellow and pink in the Madrishi saree makes it appear like the nature’s imitation of sweetness. Around which the embroidered bees roam. This saree compliments one’s sweet personality. And one can become the ulterior epitome of honey filled beauty. Apart from its elegant outlook, this saree comes in a flowy fabric that is comfortable and manageable at the same time. Just wear it and be the sweet Princess of Kolkata.

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    Caramel Macchiato


    Fall, a season of warm colors mixed with the taste of caramel. And in between the dry winds, a sweet scent of coffee encapsulates the essence of warmth. Madrishi brings the cream to cream to light caramel to dark coffee brown Ombre saree to accentuate the arrival of Fall. With its cotton fabric, it comes with a twirl and goes with a swirl to wrap around your curves. Elevate your style with this addition in your Fall Collection. And go around the street in grace and elegance.

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    In this nova normal fashion, hype up your urban chick look with this cotton self stripe batik saree. Are you a cat lover but can’t bring that out in your attires? Well we’ve got this exclusive saree just for you. It is covered in small prints of fish and cats that’ll accentuate your inner cat lover through your personality. And the large cat batik print in the pallu adds up to its modern design amidst the retro style of black and white. Well, you might even hear some purrs and meows as you carry around this city outlook through the streets.

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    Yellow or red? Pink or blue? Peach or green?

    Well, why not all? We have the perfect blend of all the soft hues of your choice in one single saree. It’s an Ombre of the mixture of colors like yellow, blue, pink, green, peach and a lot more. It has the soothing blend of sweetness and tanginess to eradicate boring solids with excitement. And its cotton fabric only attunes to the rainbow gradient, being comfortable. Go on, and bring in the joy of colors in the mundane streets of the city.

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    You have often heard about the saying, “A cupcake a day Keeps the Grumpiness away” In this mundane world of monochromatic reality, the happiness is brought by colours. Just like the sunshine rejuvenates the hope across the blue sky; a cupcake can brighten up your smile while your life is coursing through adversities. Madrishi brings the juxtaposition of colours and fantasies in monochromatic sarees. The pure cotton black saree is embellished with hand embroidered cupcake designs that elevates the mood. With its comfortable fabric you can conveniently be the epitome of elegance. So come and grab these sarees with miniature cupcakes that are ready to lift your mood and let you outshine the crowd. And fill your monochromatic life with some parti-coloured fantasies.

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    “Petals of a flower hold so much power, as they remind me all of your delicate peel.” ~ Ottar

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    Dream Catcher


    The surrealism in dreams is the only factor that keeps up hope and desire for a happy tomorrow. This green ombre saree along with its Kantha stitched elegant dreamcatchers is very much relevant for the optimistic mood of your day. It’s aesthetic design upon the fine cotton fabric keeps it attached to delicate and dreamy aura of the beauty. So, in a world full of nightmares girdle up in the magnificence of dreamcatchers.

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    Dugga Dugga


    Durga Pujo is an emotionally integral part of every Bengali’s life. And, with festivity around the corner, the images of kashful, red and white saree with durgamaa in the palla creates the ecstasy. Indulge yourself in the greatest festival of Bengal with this red and white self striped saree that is embellished by kashful wax batik design at the border and hand wax batik of the Durga idol at the edge of the saree. It’s pure cotton fabric keeps it comfortable and manageable. And let’s you flaunt your womanhood in this celebration of Women Power.